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Mid-quarter transition

The IRS 941 Schedule B form is filed at the end of each quarter on your behalf. This form requires a listing of each of the pay periods (by pay date), the total taxes paid, and total quarter-to-date and year-to-date amounts for the quarter.

Enter pay periods

  1. Navigate to the Mid-quarter transition > MidQ conversion - Periods tab.

  2. For each paygroup, list all pay dates since the beginning of the quarter according to the paygroup’s pay schedule.

Enter tax information

  1. Navigate to the Mid-quarter transition > MidQ conversion - Taxes tab.

  2. For each paygroup, enter the employer and employee contributions for federal, state, and local taxes as dollar amounts. Note: if employees in the same paygroup are in different states, you must enter the state tax information for each individual state.

  3. Save changes to review mid-quarter information.

Review mid-quarter transition information

  1. Navigate to the Mid-quarter transition > MidQ conversion - Review tab.

  2. Review all tax information for each paygroup at the federal, state, and local level.

  3. To make changes, click the pay date link for the period you need to change. Note: review all the information carefully before you finalize it because changes cannot be made once the information has been submitted. 

  4. Click “Finalize” to submit mid-quarter transition information.

Note: Wagepoint assumes you have paid all prior taxes, except FUTA and SUTA contributions. Request a refund from your previous provider for FUTA and SUTA contributions so that Wagepoint can remit those taxes on your behalf. Learn more about switching payroll providers.

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