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Add company and payroll information

  1. Navigate to the Company > Company info tab.

  2. Legal company name – defaults to the company name you entered when you signed up for your Wagepoint account. This should be the legal name used on incorporation or business registration documents with the government. 

  3. Doing Business As (DBA) – if your business conducts transactions under a name that is different from the official name of the company or the sole proprietorship. This could also be the business name associated with your company’s bank account, if different from your legal company name. 

  4. Contact email – enter the email address for your company’s  primary payroll administrator. This may be different from the email address used to create an account in Wagepoint. We don’t send any notifications to this email address. 

  5. Phone number – enter the phone number for your company’s primary payroll administrator. 

  6. Company address – enter the address details for your company’s headquarters. 

  7. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) – enter the unique number assigned to your business by the IRS, which follows the format i.e. 12-3456789. This is the account to which federal income tax withholdings, employer and employee contributions toward social security and Medicare are deposited based on your IRS deposit schedule. 

  8. IRS schedule – select the deposit schedule determined by the IRS for your company based on your past year’s withholding amount. The schedule is determined by the liability you reported on Form 941. Learn more

    • Monthly

      • Taxes are paid monthly
      • Taxes for pay dates in the current month are due by the 15th day of the following month.

    • Semi-weekly 

      • Taxes are paid twice a month
      • If pay date falls on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday, taxes are due by the following Wednesday.
      • If pay date falls on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday, taxes are due by the following Friday. 
  9. SS-4 confirmation letter – this document, mailed by the IRS, is a confirmation of the FEIN assigned to your business. 
  10. Save changes to complete the setup of your company’s profile and payroll settings.

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