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Power of Attorney (POA) documents

We have formally changed our name from Wagepoint USA, Inc. to Wagepoint Holdings USA, Inc. As such, we are now required to update all the Power of Attorney (POA) forms for our US customers.

This means we have to give you new POA forms with our new business name and, in turn, you have to sign them and re-upload them to your account.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to the Tax > Company documents tab to resign all of the POA forms that are listed.
2. Note that the signer must be the authorized person listed with the IRS and state tax agency or the POA forms will be rejected.  
3. Certain states require the POA documents to be notarized. If a notary is required, it will be listed on the applicable form.

To avoid any interruptions with your payroll, sign (notarize, if applicable) and upload these forms by Sunday, November 24.

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