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Add account numbers for tax agencies

  1. Navigate to the Tax > Tax Rates & Freq tab.

  2. State unemployment insurance (SUI) experience rate – enter the rate as a number or decimal, not as a percentage. This rate is issued to your business by your state's Department of Labor and the IRS. This information is required for tax processing. 

  3. SUI account – enter your SUI account number for your state in the format i.e. 12345678-9.

  4. Withholding account number – enter the account number issued by your state in the format i.e. 1234-5678.

  5. Note: if you have employees in different states, enter the rate and account number for each state's tax agency.

  6. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) – defaults to the information you entered in the Company > Company info  tab. This is the account to which federal income tax withholdings, employer and employee contributions toward social security and Medicare are deposited based on your IRS deposit schedule. 

  7. Federal unemployment tax act (FUTA) rate – enter the rate as a number or decimal, not as a percentage.  This information is required for tax processing. Note: the default FUTA rate is 0.6%, but if you are SUI exempt you must pay the full rate of 6%.

  8. The employer is responsible for ensuring the rates and account numbers are always accurate and up-to-date.

  9. If you receive a notice from your tax authority with new rates, update the information in this tab. Once changed, the next pay cycle after the change will use the new rates for the calculations.

Note: Wagepoint is not responsible for penalties or fees levied by the tax authorities if an employer fails to provide the correct account numbers and rates.

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