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QuickBooks Online integration

If you use QuickBooks Online to manage your company's accounting needs, you can integrate Wagepoint with your QuickBooks Online account to better track your payroll expenses.

Setup QuickBooks Online integration

  1. Click the "Add-ons" link from the drop-down menu next to the avatar icon.
  2. Select QuickBooks Online and click "Get this app."
  3. Click the “Log in” button. You will be prompted to link Wagepoint as an existing vendor or setup Wagepoint as a new vendor.
  4. Click "Save." 

Map your Chart of Accounts

  1. Map your accounts based on either journal entries or bills. 
  2. The journal entries option will give you a comprehensive breakdown of payroll expenses. The bills option will give you a summary of all the payroll expenses. Note: you only have to map your Chart of Accounts using one of these options. 

Export payroll data into QuickBooks Online

  1. Export payroll data - journal information – select this option if you mapped your Chart of Accounts as journal entries.
  2. Export payroll data - bill – select this option if you mapped your Chart of Accounts as bills.
  3. Note: if you select an export format that doesn't match the mapping of your Chart of Accounts, it will generate an error. 

  4. Pay group – select the pay group for which you want to export payroll data.

  5. Pay period end date – select the pay period for which you want to export payroll data using the cycle end date. Note: when you login to QuickBooks Online, the pay period end date is reflected as a date stamp in your 'Recent Transactions' log. 

  6. Toggle 'Yes' to include .pdf copies of specific payroll reports for auditing purposes. 

  7. Click "Export payroll." A confirmation message will be displayed along the top of the screen when the export is completed successfully.

  8. Login to QuickBooks Online to see the exported payroll data in your 'Recent Transactions' log.

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